Monday, January 24, 2011

High tides mean it must be a full moon

High tides at the weekend left their mark on the South Canterbury coast.
On Brown's Beach, east of Temuka, driftwood and other debris were carried to the top of the beach at high tide early on Saturday morning, with some deposited on the stopbank separating the beach from farm paddocks beyond it.
The debris left a pool between the high point of the beach and the stopbank.
Environment Canterbury's duty flood controller, Graham Sullivan, said the tides over the past few days were higher than normal because it was a spring or perigean tide, which meant it coincided with the full moon.
He said the tide was below swell warning level and usually lasted about four days, with today being the last day.
The MetService website showed yesterday's high tide was 2.5 metres at 6.37am, followed by 2.4m at 7.02pm.
Today's high tides are expected to be at 7.32am and 8.01pm – 2.5m and 2.4m respectively.
From tomorrow tides should begin to ease, but are expected to rise to 2.5m again on February 18, which will be a full moon, and peak at 2.6m in the two days that follow.

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