Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chinese Mars 500 volunteer to be on 'Mars' for Spring Festival

Wang Yue, Chinese volunteer for the Mars 500 simulation of a manned spaceflight, will step out of the cabin of the experiment's "spaceship" and walk on a simulation of the Martian surface just in time for Chinese New Year, according to the website of China Manned Space Engineering.

The experimental cabin will land on the Mars on Feb. 1. At the end of Jan. 23, the Mars 500 experiment, which simulates a round-trip voyage to the red planet, had completed its 234th day.

As planned, the crew members will participate in a 30-day simulated landing on the surface of Mars.

It is reported that the Chinese participant, Wang Yue, has displayed a strong sense of teamwork and perseverance while conducting his research.

Li Yinghui, the Chinese team's deputy chief designer under the Mars-500 project, said considering the current carrying capacity, the Mars 500 project is a three-stage experiment, including a 250-day virtual flight to Mars, a 30-day stay on the planet and a 240-day journey back to earth

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