Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dal Lake

The Dal Lake is a famous lake in Srinagar, Kashmir, in Indian controlled Kashmir . The lake itself is linked to a number of other lakes of the Kashmir valley. It is well known for its shikaras or house boats. The lake spans 18 square Km, and is separated by causeways into four basins, called Gagribal, Lokut Dal, Bod Dal and Nagin. Lokut-dal and Bod-dal have an island each in the centre, known as Rup Lank (or Char Chinari) and Sona Lank respectively. Along most of the shore of the Lake is a boulevard, lined with Mughal-era gardens, parks, and hotels. During the winter season the lake sometimes freezes over.
Apart from the houseboats, the Lake and Waterways Dal Authority allows kayaking, canoeing, water surfing and licensed angling on the lake.
With the onset of militancy in the state, tourism dwindled in the 1990s; however after concerted efforts by the authorities, tourist inflow has somewhat improved. Wi-Fi access was implemented across the lake in November 2003, making it the first lake in the world to give wireless connectivity.Sewage, Water hyacinths and silt are the major problems affecting the lake.

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