Thursday, September 08, 2011

Don't doubt the man on the moon

Man On Moon
NASA has released stunning new photos of the old Apollo landing sites — so naturally the conspiracy freaks are firing rockets.

“Fakes,” they cry across the Internet. “Photoshop fakes!”

Those space cadets still believe Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and all the other Apollo boys landed not on the moon, but on a Hollywood soundstage.

You’d think the new pics would bring the kooks down to earth.

The images were taken by a NASA orbiter from about 20 klicks up and show astronauts’ footprints and equipment they left behind four decades ago, including the cute little lunar rover.

The scorch marks of the Apollo 12 descent are tack sharp. Or they’re a cigarette burn on the image.

(Settle down, hoax fans. I’m joshin’.)

At the Apollo 14 site, you can see where Alan Shepard hit a golf ball. Six-iron, judging by the divot.

(Just kidding. But I think you can see George W. Bush in the deep rough.)

At Apollo 17 are man’s (mankind’s?) last bootprints on the moon. The rover is nearby.

A pile of parking tickets is clearly visible on the window.

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