Thursday, August 13, 2009

Computer Animation of Mitosis

This invention is a computer animation model depicting the process of cell reproduction, better known as mitosis. This invention aims to make the process of learning about mitosis and its phases more memorable and retainable for students. Learning from a textbook is often a tedious task, and I hope to improve learning motivation. The invention is an animation without voice over components. This animation is run at a standard of 12 frames per second (fps). This standard is used commonly when media is to be posted to the Internet, although other fps rates are used. For example, most animated feature films run at 24 fps, allowing the film and animation to run smoothly and be choppy. 12 fps can a be just as smooth as 24 fps, but the difference is that the 12 fps will run twice as fast as 24 fps. To create the animation I used the programs Paint Shop Pro v6.02 and Animation Shop 2 to create the drawing and into compile them to a working and full running animation.

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