Thursday, February 05, 2009

Aberystwyth group shows the way for Wales’ sustainable future

Ms Davidson was in the area to promote the Sustainable Development Scheme which will see the Welsh Assembly Government using all its devolved powers to make every part of the public sector sustainable for the benefit of the environment and the people of Wales.

Sustainable Development is defined as improving people’s quality of life and wellbeing whilst using environmental resources sustainably, so that development now does not compromise the quality of life of future generations. The new plan calls for joined up decision making at all levels of government and the public sector to achieve this.

The Minister went to see the work of CRAFT, a successful not-for-profit furniture reuse business that works to reduce environmental impact.

During the visit, Ms Davidson said:

This plan is a new vision for Wales. The Assembly Government will use all its devolved powers – from health, transport to education – to lessen Wales’ environmental impact on the world and help protect our country for future generations.

She added that CRAFT showed sustainability in action:

CRAFT shows us exactly how groups and individuals can make a real difference. By encouraging people to donate unwanted items to be reused by others, it benefits both the local community and the environment.

It is an excellent real-life example of a project that puts sustainable development into practice – helping to reduce the amount of resources we use and a good demonstration of the type of initiative that I would like to see encouraged throughout Wales.

Allison Cann, Manager of CRAFT added:

CRAFT makes it easy for people to do their bit to help build a better, greener future. The generosity of people who give their unwanted belongings or their time lets CRAFT do all sorts of things.

Anyone can come to the shop to buy everything from an affordable three piece suite to a teaspoon, cooker, computer or a paperback. CRAFT employs 13 paid staff, provides training and volunteer opportunities and helps all sorts of people throughout the year.

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